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Strike Force

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BlackWyrm is thrilled to officially announce a new edition of Aaron Allston's Strike Force. Aaron was a great friend to everyone he met, and a great inspiration to all of us here at BlackWyrm.

Jason is on his way to Texas now, to gather all the work that Aaron had been putting into the project before his untimely passing.

Written by: dave
Thursday, May 14, 2015
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New Book: Reel Dark

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BlackWyrm is proud to announce Reel Dark: Twisted Projections on the Flickering Page, an anthology of how film and life collide.

The genres inside include suspense, horror, science fiction, and fantasy. 

If you're at the World Horror Convention this weekend, attend the launch party with the editor Andrew Cooper and several of the authors. 

Written by: dave
Thursday, May 07, 2015
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Mo' Better Mo*Con

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Join BlackWyrm at Mo*Con, the con dedicated to the entrance of Mo (a/k/a Maurice Broaddus) in this world.

Our gift to Maurice is his gift to all of our readers, a new short story collection -- Walkers with the Dawn.

The book debuts at Mo*Con, where you can can get your copy autographed, or use the book smack Maurice around a little, or feed the book to his adorable children.


Written by: dave
Thursday, April 30, 2015
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New Book: Walkers with the Dawn

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Black to the Future!

Like the Langston Hughes poem from which the collection takes its name, Maurice Broaddus is not afraid of gloom nor darkness and ever reaches for the dawn.

Not one to be confined to any particular genre, Broaddus mixes folk tales, urban legends, and more with his own eclectic imagination to brings stories that span the length of history itself.

Spanning past, present, and future, the collection opens with sword and sorcery in ancient Africa, ghost stories set against the backdrop of the slave trade, and a Civil War vampire. Broaddus brings his gritty, day-to-day vision to the doorstep with his ebony take on the Arthurian legend, to fairy tales. The far-flung future is fueled for flight in the Parliament-Funkadelic universe.

As you read, you’ll ride along in the Weird West, fall under the spell of obeah, fight to survive in a post-apocalypse landscape, and battle alongside military space adventure. Walkers With the Dawn combines works first published in venues such as Weird Tales, Space & Time Magazine, and a host of anthologies, as well as introduces some stories original to this collection.

Written by: dave
Monday, April 20, 2015
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New Book: Wiseward the Wardings

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P.B. Owl returns for a second helping (forgive me, still thinking about his yummy Kitchen Witchin' book) of pagan poetry, with Wiseward the Wardings.

Like its predecessor Words of Light and Midnight, This is another micro-book of 48 pages, with 33 poems relating to the method of the craft, gods and goddesses, native American traditions, northern mysteries, sacraments and sacred mysteries, and biographical slices of life.

The author is a founding member of, and serves as a Man in Black for, the WynDragon Family in eastern Tennessee.

If you run into Owl at various events in and surrounding Tennessee, be sure to ask him to explain how his body is fueled by the flesh of the deceased.

Written by: dave
Wednesday, February 18, 2015
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